KONSTHANTVERKARNA | Konsthantverkarna  
13 – 23 September 2018
HOMO FABER –  Crafting a more human future | Fondazione GIORGIO CINI,  San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Italy
14 – 30 September 2018
Best of Europe is one of 14 exhibits that make up Homo Faber: Crafting a more human future, a major new exhibition celebrating European craftsmanship, organised by the Michelangelo Foundation. 
Honored to be one of the selected artist-artisans working in situ for 3 days (Sept. 19 – 21), showcasing my technique in the exhibit Best of Europe.
16 June – 31 August 2018
Solo show in an old paper mill museum in Frövi
May – 3 June 2018
Window show in ceramicist Anne Black's own concept store
on Gammel Kongevej 103-105 in Frederiksberg

Offentlig konstnärlig gestaltning
Artistic sculptural creation in the main entrance of  New Karolinska Solna (english version)  Installed in the fall of 2017, open to the public in March 2018.
Skulptural gestaltning i huvudentrén till Nya Karolinska Solna, NKS  Installerat under hösten 2017, öppet för allmänheten fr.o.m. mars 2018.